Stephen Crivillaro: 5 Spots to Visit in Germany

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As a young entrepreneur and international consultant, Stephen Crivillaro has had the opportunity to visit several foreign countries recently as a part of his work. For instance, Stephen Crivillaro’s work with an innovative energy project recently took him to Dusseldorf, Germany.

While in Germany, most of his time was spent with a team of experts who are developing a method of converting waste into energy. However, Stephen Crivillaro explored enough of Germany to offer the following advice to travelers to Germany. On your next trip to Germany, don’t forget to make these destinations a part of your itinerary!

1. Neuschwanstein

Located near Germany’s border with Austria, Mad King Ludwig’s fairy tale castle is worth a trip out of the city. For an unusual experience of Neuschwanstein, Stephen Crivillaro recommends crossing the border to Austria to one of the tiny towns nearby, such as Pinswang. While staying in a bed and breakfast in this area, you can rent a bike and ride back over the border to spend the day at the castle.

2. Dachau

Although there are several concentration camps from World War II that welcome visitors, Dachau is a popular option due to its proximity to Munich. Stephen Crivillaro warns tourists that a visit to a concentration camp will be a moving and difficult experience. However, Stephen Crivillaro highly recommends taking this opportunity to honor the many people that lost their lives during World War II.

3. Berlin

Berlin provides tourists with a fascinating glimpse into history. From Checkpoint Charlie and remaining sections of the Berlin Wall to striking museums and the Reichstag, He has found that Berlin offers a wide variety of attractions and incredible historic sites. Stephen Crivillaro recommends taking a walking tour of the city in order to better appreciate the rich history of the area.

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