Stephen Crivillaro: Advice on Balancing Different Time-Consuming Commitments

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Stephen Crivillaro has responsibilities with many different organizations. To begin with, Stephen Crivillaro is involved in an energy project that is producing energy units that can convert waste into energy. This revolutionary technology is expected to change the face of waste management. Stephen Crivillaro has been serving as a consultant on the project, which requires him to take international business trips to places like Mumbai and Dusseldorf.

In addition, Stephen Crivillaro is a project and property manager of several different buildings in the Bronx. This position requires him to maintain constant contact with the people that live and work in these buildings, even if he is flying around the world with his job as a consultant.

Stephen Crivillaro is also an aspiring entrepreneur. In between his other duties, Stephen Crivillaro is developing a plan to indulge his passion for pizza and open his own original pizzeria. Even though this business has not been officially launched yet, it still requires a great deal of time and energy from Stephen Crivillaro.

Finally, Stephen Crivillaro is committed to participating in volunteer work. In the past, he has been involved in disaster relief efforts, such as the effort made to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Currently, Stephen Crivillaro volunteers with BOLD, the Bronx Organization for the Learning Disabled.

So how does Stephen Crivillaro balance all of these demanding responsibilities? To begin with, Stephen Crivillaro makes sure to prioritize his work so that the most important tasks for each day are completed first. Stephen Crivillaro also makes an effort to focus on the job at hand rather than multi-tasking so that he is not continually distracted. In addition, Stephen Crivillaro is not afraid to say no to some obligations. When his schedule becomes overbooked, Stephen Crivillaro simply selects the most important responsibilities and then ignores the rest.

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