Stephen Crivillaro: A Novel Concept for a New International Consultant

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Stephen Crivillaro has made a name for himself as a young entrepreneur who lives and works in the great city of New York. Although many know Stephen Crivillaro for the work that he has done in the real estate industry in the Bronx, very few people truly understand the wide radius of his influence.

Despite his young age, Stephen Crivillaro has made a major mark in the energy and waste management industry. Stephen Crivillaro is an international consultant for waste management and energy generation.

A Novel Concept

The concept, says Stephen Crivillaro, is simple. Human beings produce far more waste than they need to, while also consuming an enormous amount of energy.  Stephen Crivillaro has a phenomenal idea for how to address this issue.

Stephen Crivillaro believes that he may have found the secret to converting the waste that human beings generate into viable sources of consumable energy. Stephen Crivillaro believes that this system will “kill two birds with one stone.” With less waste festering in landfills and other locations and more energy, the world will be a brighter, greener place. Plus, this system is entirely sustainable.

Taking It Overseas

Stephen Crivillaro had the privilege of consulting a number of international locations on this new and exciting idea. Just recently, Stephen Crivillaro traveled extensively throughout India and Germany to show engineers in those countries just how viable this idea is. Stephen Crivillaro believes that he has made a strong impact on the energy policies of other countries.

Stephen Crivillaro strongly believes that he has unlocked the cure to the world’s waste and energy crises. In fact, Stephen Crivillaro believes that this technology may be coming to the United States of America in the near future. Stephen Crivillaro says that solving the world’s energy issues is as easy as looking at waste as a resource instead of a burden.

Visit to learn more about him.

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