Stephen Crivillaro to Bring Waste to Energy Units to the United States

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Stephen Crivillaro received his bachelor’s degree from Queens College, New York, in Labor Studies in 2009. Stephen Crivillaro has used this degree to become a consultant in green management techniques. Since graduation, Stephen Crivillaro has had a huge interest in developing projects, especially those that contribute to green energy sources. Stephen Crivillaro has recently begun consulting work on an exciting new concern. The new project is focused on developing new units that will convert waste into energy production.

The majority of the development of these projects is done in Mumbai, India and Dusseldorf, Germany. Stephen Crivillaro spends a lot of time traveling to India and Germany to consult on the development of the units. It is expected that the units will be fully functional within three years.

However, the United States has not begun investment or investigation into these units. Stephen Crivillaro spends a lot of time traveling back and forth between Germany, India, and the United States. While his goal abroad is consultancy, Stephen Crivillaro’s goal in the States is to build new network connections to eventually bring in the waste to energy units.

Stephen Crivillaro hopes, through his networking, he can generate a positive response to the waste to energy units. There is still a long way to go, of course, but Stephen Crivillaro believes that the project will work out in the long run. “I have no doubts about this project,” Stephen Crivillaro commented, “I fully expect to see these units become a stable in our lives as they revolutionize the way that we deal with waste and create energy.”

Stephen Crivillaro believes these units will revolutionize the energy industry in the United States as they already have begun to do in both Germany and India. Stephen Crivillaro says,  “Currently I have been taking the same expertise that I brought to Mumbai and Dusseldorf and bringing it to energy projects across the United States. Our hope is that we will be able to use waste management to revolutionize the way waste management and energy generation are handled in this country.”

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