Stephen Crivillaro: Baseball Enthusiast

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Stephen Crivillaro received his bachelor’s degree from Queens College, New York, in Labor Studies in 2009. Stephen Crivillaro has used this degree to become a consultant in green management techniques. Since, graduation, Stephen Crivillaro has has a huge interest in developing projects, especially those that contribute to green energy sources. Stephen Crivillaro has recently begun consulting working on an exciting new concern. This new project is focused on developing new units that will convert waste into energy.

Stephen Crivillaro is also an avid sports fan. Stephen Crivillaro has a special love for baseball. In high school, Stephen Crivillaro played baseball for his school team. Along with his team, Stephen Crivillaro went on to win the CHSAA Championship for his school, Salesian High School. Following high school, Stephen Crivillaro played baseball for the Van Nest Baseball Organization, and, along with his team, Stephen Crivillaro went on to win the City Championship for New York in 2005. Winning was an incredibly difficult task for Stephen Crivillaro and his team, but through hard work, they managed to win the championship.

Stephen Crivillaro believes his team won through a strong sense of team spirit. Stephen Crivillaro’s team encouraged camaraderie between each other to avoid fights and disagreements in the locker room, so on the field they could play as a team. Stephen Crivillaro and his team also practiced constantly. They believed laziness would cause them to fall behind, and the team practiced hard every day. Stephen Crivillaro’s team also always played fair, and never resorted to dirty tricks. Stephen Crivillaro knew breaking the rules to win would result in regret, and made sure he knew all the rules so he would never break them on accident.

Although Stephen Crivillaro no longer plays baseball, he is still an avid fan of the sport. Stephen Crivillaro follows baseball closely, and while he loves to follow the national scene, he also receives great enjoyment out of watching games in his own community.

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