Stephen Crivillaro Loves Queens College

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Stephen Crivillaro was born and raised in New York, New York. Stephen Crivillaro received his bachelor’s degree from Queens College, New York, in Labor Studies in 2009. Most people opt to go to a new city for college, but Stephen Crivillaro decided to stay in his hometown, attending Queens College following his graduation from Salesian High School, and could not be happier. In fact, Stephen Crivillaro recommends Queens College to all seeking a college degree.

Stephen Crivillaro saw the chance of going abroad through his studies at Queens College. Though he elected to remain in his hometown, his studies at Queens College, especially in the Labor Studies department, gave him the tools and opportunities to become a consultant. Stephen Crivillaro’s consultancy career has led him all over the world, allowing him the opportunity to visit Mumbai, India and Dusseldorf, Germany, among other places.

Stephen Crivillaro was also impressed with the strong athletic program at Queens College. In high school, Stephen Crivillaro was an avid sports fan, and played baseball for his high school team, winning the CHSAA Championship. Stephen Crivillaro loved the teamwork and camaraderie being in a sports team provided. When seeking a college, Stephen Crivillaro was specifically looking for an institution with a strong sports program, and Queens College was the spot. Stephen Crivillaro became a very successful basketball player at Queens College. Stephen Crivillaro also continued his baseball career while at college.

While Stephen Crivillaro no longer plays basketball nor baseball, but he is still an avid fan. Stephen Crivillaro follows the athletic endeavors of Queens College closely. He also offers contributions to the athletic program at Queens College whenever he can.

Steven Crivillaro absolutely recommends Queens College to any student seeking a fine university to attend. It is this offering of excellent tools and resources, as well as Queens College incredible athletic record that makes Stephen Crivillaro such a fan of Queens College.

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