Stephen Crivillaro Seeks to Open A Pizzeria

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Stephen Crivillaro received his bachelor’s degree from Queens College, New York, in Labor Studies in 2009. Stephen Crivillaro has used this degree to become a consultant in green management techniques. Since, graduation, Stephen Crivillaro has had a huge interest in developing projects, especially those that contribute to green energy sources. Stephen Crivillaro has recently begun consulting work on an exciting new concern. The new project is focused on developing new units that will convert waste into energy production.

Beyond this, Stephen Crivillaro is also a budding entrepreneur. Stephen Crivillaro seeks to open a pizzeria in his home town of New York City. New York City is well known for having perhaps the best pizza in the world. Stephen Crivillaro, lover of his hometown, seeks to contribute to the long tradition of fine pizzerias in New York City.

Opening a pizzeria in New York City is no easy task. There is a pizzeria on almost every street corner, and opening a new one is certainly daunting. Stephen Crivillaro is not afraid of the task, though, seeing it as a challenge towards his goal of becoming an entrepreneur and pizzeria owner.

Stephen Crivillaro has been conducting extensive research on opening his pizzeria. He has been studying demand for pizza in his targeted area, as well as the competition he will have to contend with. Stephen Crivillaro has also been studying the demographics of his area, trying to understand how to best market his pizzeria to those who will be eating there. Stephen Crivillaro has also made an extensive business plan, paying attention to every detail, so when the pizzeria finally opens, there will be no problems, and Stephen Crivillaro can offer quality pizza immediately to the residents of his targeted area.

Stephen Crivillaro is a pizza connoisseur and is well versed in pizzerias throughout the Bronx and Manhattan. He believes, using this extensive knowledge, he can open the perfect pizzeria that all will come to love.

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