Stephen Crivillaro – Dealing With E-Waste

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Stephen Crivillaro is a longtime advocate of alternative energy resources, including Municipal Solid Waste. He says that turning our trash into energy is arguably the best way there is to manage the approximately 230 tons of trash that is produced in the United States each and every year. Many of the existing landfills in the United States are full, and/or are believed to be a contributing factor to contaminated groundwater. But the trash keeps piling up, he says, so it is important to find a creative solution for dealing with it. And turning it into energy might just be the best method.

Stephen Crivillaro is also urging people to think of creative ways to deal with what is called e-waste, or the disposal of electronic devices like old computers and cell phones. He says that this material should not be considered waste, but instead should be considered something that can be re-used or recycled for materials recovery. Recent figures show that only about one quarter of the old TVs, computer products, and cell phones were collected for recycling. And he says that is a number that needs to improve.

There are many components that go into making most electronics, says Stephen Crivillaro, and that are made up of things like cadmium, mercury, lead, nickel, and other metals that could pose health risks to people and the environment, if they are not properly managed. And he believes that the best way of dealing with these things is to properly recycle them. There are organizations that provide information on electronics, including how and where they can be donated and recycled, in most areas.


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