Stephen Crivillaro – Labor Studies

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Stephen Crivillaro is a graduate of Queens College, one of the senior colleges in the City University of New York system. He majored in Labor Studies and received his Bachelor’s degree.

Stephen Crivillaro had a long standing interest in organized labor, although as with so many areas he did not fully appreciate the depth to which the formal discipline of Labor Studies could go. Through the Queens College curriculum, he learned to analyze the labor force and get a deeper appreciation for, and understanding of, its place in the United States in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. The core courses in Labor Studies exposed him to a lot of different issues and his academic advisers said he should think seriously about an area of specialization. The core courses introduced him to the history of the labor movement, the impact of old and new technology on labor, labor relations and its economic context, the political and social roles of organized labor, and the area that interested him the most: the legal framework of labor-management relations. He was learning toward a specialty in collective bargaining and labor contract law, when a new interest bloomed in renewable energy.

Stephen Crivillaro was able to learn a little bit about renewable energy through some of the electives he took at Queens College, and since graduating it has been the focus of his professional life. Stephen Crivillaro has been a green energy consultant, and this work has taken him to some far-flung destinations. But as much as he likes it, he says that he would like to settle down someday and go into business for himself by opening his own pizzeria

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