Stephen Crivillaro the New Yorker

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New York City has a special place in the heart of Stephen Crivillaro that is unlike any other. Born and raised in his beloved city, Crivillaro believes that there is no better place that he would like to be. Many might think that he simply just has not left and seen the world, thus explaining why he wants to stay where he is in New York. Unfortunately for those type of doubters, this is untrue. Stephen Crivillaro had been to both Europe and Asia when he worked as a green energy and product consultant. He left with the intention of bringing green technology to his hometown of New York City. Stephen Crivillaro is a tried and true New Yorker.

The city of New York is where Stephen Crivillaro is happy to live. He could have left anywhere in the country, perhaps the world, to attend a university. Instead, he chose to stay nearby and pursue his studies at Queens College in New York. He would graduate with this Bachelor’s degree in Labor Studies in 2009. The native New Yorker believes in his community and does what he can to grow and better it through various humanitarian efforts and philanthropy. Though he leaves from time to time for various adventures, Stephen Crivillaro always returns to his home in New York City. There may be various cities and country that have their way of charming others to their community, but not for Stephen Crivillaro. In fact, Crivillaro is looking to establish even stronger roots but soon starting a pizza business.

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