Stephen Crivillaro is a Humanitarian of New York City

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When the super storm Hurricane Sandy hit New York City on October 29th, 2012 it left much of the city in shambles and a shell of what it was just a day before. Hurricane Sandy was the deadliest and most destructive hurricane in the season of hurricanes in 2012. The destruction of Hurricane Sandy became the second most costly hurricane in the history of the United States, the leader being Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Sandy became the largest Atlantic hurricane on record killing at least 233 people along its path.

Stephen Crivillaro is known for various efforts in his hometown of New York City. After the effects of Hurricane Sandy, Crivillaro became known for his humanitarian efforts. The destruction was widespread and many people needed a vast amount of resources. Stephen Crivillaro did his best to raise money, food, and clothing to provide for those who were afflicted by the devastation of the path of Hurricane Sandy. Stephen Crivillaro dedicated himself to these efforts, looking to make a different in the community that he was born and raised.

Stephen Crivillaro was once a volunteer with BOLD, an Organization for the Learning Disabled. He also donated much of his time to philanthropy following the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.

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